History - Saintlogin Cellphone Users Validation (Stop Password Sharing) Mobile Phone Authentication


The Awake.

It was a cold december morning, when 'a never heard friend of a friend of mine' called me on my cellphone while I was still asleep under a warm and soft wool blanket dreaming that holiday I could hardly wait for.

He was spending a quarter of an hour of my precious time just to explain who he was, so I harshly interrupted him asking: "well, what (..the hell..) do you want from me?"

When you have a job that keeps you busy almost 20 hours a day, you try to make a better use of your 4 hours left, and considering that a human being needs to eat, sleep and have a wash at least once in a month, one of the things you don't care for is long and useless chatting.

He answered me: "well...that's the point...I'm writing a report about...(I really don't remember about what) and I need to read some old articles stored in the Tom, Dick & Harry website archive. I know you pay a subscription to have access to that archive...so, why don't we share your password?"

I remember not to have even answered, I simply hung up!

That morning I felt more exhausted than I used to be, and having to be well disposed towards someone who wanted to exploit my paid subscription for free was far beyond my powers.

Talking to a friend.

Besides, unconsciously, I had already given birth to a dreadful password sharing phenomenon. A few days before I had told my password to a friend of mine, and after few days hundreds of people were using my password, without my permission, to have free access to the on line services I was paying for.

I'm not sure about it, but the "Tom, Dick & Harry website archive" ads did not seem to sound like:

"one pays, the others surf!"

And I wonder how many, like me, share light-heartedly their passwords every day.

Talking about that unpleasant episode to a friend of mine, I had a vision when he simply told me: "it would have been a better world, if you didn't have always to remember all your passwords; and it would have been even greater, if your passwords could notbe shared with anyone else...as they were a toothbrush, a pair of pants or...
...your cellphone!"

What a brilliant insight!!! This is a miracle!!! "But you're a Saint!". I was hugging him.

And him: "You said, not I" (didn't someone say something similar almost 2000 years ago?)

I put on my coat and gloves and ran to the door, saying: "I'm sure I could even see your halo if I didn't have to hurry myself up to focus on this powerful weapon against password sharing!"

I was at the end of the stairs when I heard him saying, laughing: "hey, remember, the Saint it's me, it's my job to save the mankind from the password sharing demon!!!"

The Revelation.

At the moment I didn't well realize the idea behind my friend's intuition, but the following night, someone came into my dreams, he was an old gray-haired man stepping toward me and saying something like:

"Use the Net, Marco, you must use the Net!"...

I suddenly awoke and realized my mission, moulding my friend's idea into something easily deployable to the net people and freeing users from the huge number of passwords to be remembered for accessing sites.

That morning, while driving to work, I was feeling like 'the chosen one', you know? Like Neo in The Matrix movie.

WOW...a cellphone, sure! Why didn't anyone think about it before?

What's one of the things people are most jealous of, something they are not willing to share with anyone, that is always taken everywhere? Pants? Wrong answer!
Or I should say: right answer, but it's not the right one.
Sure...It's the CELLPHONE and its unique and not cloneable Caller ID!!!

What a sweet sound to my hear:

a CellPhone Caller ID! Oh my! That's the weapon to stop the password sharing demon!

This wonder have to be named...SAINTlogin!...Want to know why?

- Officially because it's the acronym for:Secure Access with Identity Notification by Telephone...

But...first of all to thank my friend for his brilliant intuition.

This is the real story of the SAINTlogin inspiration;

if you like it, feel free to let us know, leaving a message in our forum.