How - Saintlogin Cellphone Users Validation (Stop Password Sharing) Mobile Phone Authentication


If you are a webmaster or a content provider that wants to add users validation
To implement the SAINTlogin at your domain host follow, please, these directions:

Just go to the downloads section, and choose the software download right for the platform type on which you're running the website at your domain (Unix/Linux, Windows asp or Dotnet aspx).

Unzip the downloaded files, maintaining the stored directory structure and copy them to your website.
Follow the installation requirements contained in the readme.txt file for your platform.
You should, in certain cases, install some special features like MS SOAP (for Windows asp servers) or ensure that PHP (for Unix/Linux) is available and correctly configured.

Test the implementation by accessing the Saintlogin_access page, which is platform specific and has an extension such as .php .asp or .aspx.
It should work exactly as the login demo of the corresponding platform available at the downloads section.

To complete the required security for your pages access, modify the document pages to include at the beginning the few lines of code that perform the SAINTlogin access check.
This will ensure that your pages are not accessible by any user unless he has been correctly validated by SAINTlogin access system.

If you are a user accessing a service
A user loggin on to a service using the SAINTlogin software, should just follow this two-step procedure:

A. User will be asked to simply press a button placed on the login page of that site; no user id or password will be requested. In response a number(1) will be displayed, asking the user to dial it on his cellphone.
B. Once you've dialled that number(2), a message appears on your screen saying that you may enter the on-line service page, if you are registered, otherwise not...

I. Go to the registration page of the website.
II. Select the on-line service you want to subscribe.
III. Type in your name(3) or just a nickname that will be used just to say hello..
IV. Press the button to start subscribing..
V. A phone number together with a code will appear on your screen.
VI. Send to that phone number an SMS text message(4) including in it that personal code(5), just displayed.

As soon as the SAINTlogin system receives your SMS text message, the code is validated and it will successfully register your subscription.
After successful registration, an SMS text message can be sent back as a confirmation.
At this time, wishing to enter the subscribed on-line service, the user just has to follow the two steps procedures described above.
When you send the SMS text message through your cellphone, SAINTlogin will store your SIM card number as a unique user identifier that'll be used to recognize you when access is requested.

(1)SAINTlogin is a software system connected to many GSM phones. It has as many phone numbers at its disposal as GSM phones are. Therefore the phone numbers that appear on the screen, when you register and each time you want to enter an on-line service restricted area, are fished by SAINTlogin among all those GSM phones. So, the phone number shown to you is not always the same. It's randomly chosen among the others.
(2)All you need is an un-answered cellphone call (therefore free of charge, like any other password). You can hang up, after just one phone ringing.
(3)You don't need to use your real name. A nick-name is enough!
(4)You need to send an SMS text message just once (to register to the on-line service). Once registered, an unswered cellphone call is all the user needs to enter the on-line service page.