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Here are some examples of alternative uses of SAINTlogin software:

Subscription on Demand (Pay per Browse)

It's a simple service to allow time-limited access to web sites providing reserved prepaid on line contents.

Users can choose the desired subscription duration by accessing a web page containing a list like this one.

The code associated to each subscription duration must be sent by the subscriber through an SMS TEXT message to the number displayed after pressing the button.
The cost of the subscription will be directly charged to the subscriber's phone bill, EASY AND EFFECTIVE, subscription will start a few seconds after sending the SMS.

This system bypasses any alternative payment method such as credit card or bank transfers that require strict users validation along with personal subscriber informations and do not provide immediate reserved content access.

Any information provider can choose its own durations, subscribing options and prices, just publishing the subscription page, SAINTlogin will do the rest!


Survey is an unexpensive, fast and quick system of sounding of public opinion through predefined answers.

You can propose the sounding in many ways (press, tv, web, leaflets) informing your target group of people of some predefined numbers to be dialled.

You just need one unreplied phone ringing, to one of that numbers, to answer to the sounding questions.
Sounding results are available in real time. The dialled numbers can be used to check that each person expressed only one preference for each question, or to identify that particular voter among the others in a determined list.

Besides, one unreplied phone ringing means a free vote for the voter.

You can predefine your sounding via Web. You join the service through a moderate subscription, composed by a fixed share per day (all along the sounding service) and a very small share per vote received.


MyPlace is a service, with a free subscription, that allows the immediate booking from one to ten seats in a theatre, cinema, event, etc., through a single phone ringing.

The seat will be reserved until 10 minutes before the beginning of the show/movie.

You book through a single phone ringing, dialling a number that corresponds to the show and the seat class you want to reserve.

These phone numbers could be available on the newspapers and periodicals showing, on special catalogues or on web.

In confirmation of the booking, the user will receive an SMS text message he will show to the box-office for the final assignation of the seat when he buys the ticket.

If the booking is combined with the purchase of the prepaid MyPlace Card, then the SMS text message will confirm the seat and will replace the ticket.

The booking can be cancelled, respecting the expected notice, sending the received SMS text message back to the sender. You will receive a SMS text message advising you of the occurred booking cancellation.